Water Resources Engineering

While we are a full-service firm, our true passion and expertise lies in water resources engineering. From rain to the drain, treatment to storage, we have the expertise to help you provide exceptional utilities services to your community.

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Water Systems

Civil West can serve all of your potable water needs, from planning and supply issues to treatment and distribution.

We have a deep knowledge of water engineering principles and are on the cutting edge of water system design and technology. We understand the requirements of regulatory agencies and can walk you through the process of obtaining water rights, receiving approval for new systems, or completing upgrades to existing systems.


Wastewater engineering

Civil West provides wastewater engineering services including planning, collections systems, pump stations, and treatment facilities. We help our clients safely and responsibly address their wastewater issues and comply with public health and environmental standards.

The pressure on communities to address their wastewater issues will increase over time. We will assist you in determining what steps your community will need to take to remain in compliance.



With many of our clients located on or near the Oregon Coast, having infrastructure in place to handle 60 or more inches of annual rainfall is vitally important.

Civil West consistently delivers project excellence in all aspects of stormwater engineering, specializing in those challenges unique to our region. This includes pipeline and collection of stormwater as well as bioswales, outfall design, tidegates, and other control or water quality facilities.

Transportation/Land Development Engineering

Civil West can provide engineering support from the ground up to design grading plans, cuts and fills, roadway design, curbs/gutters/sidewalks, and more. Whether public infrastructure, industrial sites, or private development,
Civil West has the tools and know-how to meet your civil engineering challenges.


Planning Services

Planning for future growth helps cities effectively serve their residents. Civil West regularly assists clients with infrastructure master planning efforts that identify future needs and develop solutions to meet them.

In addition to master planning, we provide water conservation plans, feasibility studies and needs assessments, SDC methodologies and rate studies, and more.


Street & Roadway Design

As long as people need to get around, transportation improvements will be a priority in our communities.

Civil West has extensive experience with roadway maintenance and pedestrian improvement projects. This work ranges from grind and overlay projects for roadway rehabilitation, to sidewalk and ramp design to improve pedestrian access and ADA compliance.


Site Development

Site development engineering and permitting provides the base for the rest of your development. 

Civil West can help lay the groundwork for a successful development project. Our services include grading and drainage design, utility design, cut/fill optimization, and erosion control plans.



Specialty Engineering Services

Between the idea for a project and the finished product there are numerous steps and considerations.
Civil West is a full service engineering firm, meaning we can guide you through the process, from initial studies and reports,
to obtaining funding for your project, and ensuring that construction goes smoothly. Start to finish, Civil West
provides most services in-house, saving you time and money.


Funding assistance & Rate analysis

Civil West provides superior guidance for organizing and implementing financing methods and programs. We are well-versed in the available state and federal funding assistance programs, as well as other funding methods. We can assist in grant and loan applications to ensure that you receive as much financial support for your projects as possible.



Environmental & Preliminary Engineering Reports

Accurate and thorough reports lay the foundation for well-engineered designs and a smooth construction process. Whether preparing environmental reports or preliminary engineering reports, we collect complete and informative data and present it to you in an indexed document designed to help guide your decision-making.


Construction/Project Management

No one knows a project better than the people who designed it. Civil West staff members regularly serve as as the Owner’s Representative to manage and inspect projects and ensure that what is envisioned by the City becomes reality. 

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Municipal Engineering

Civil West serves as the City Engineer or Engineer of Record (EOR) for a number of cities, districts, associations, or other public agencies throughout Oregon. With a proactive approach to communication, coupled with the skills, knowledge, and experience of our team, we are more than just an on-call resource. Civil West is an invested team member and advocate for each of our clients, laying the foundation for long-term partnerships. :



  • An extensive bank of knowledge and experience with the city’s infrastructure, local issues, and project history

  • Monthly invoices and status reports that summarize important activities, project budget, and schedule status

  • Consistent, high quality service from a known and reliable team

  • Direct access and priority service

  • Avoidance of costly and time consuming RFP/Qs

  • Ability to negotiate hourly rates or flat fees for services

  • Flexibility to utilize your EOR or issue an RFP/Q for special projects

 Current EOR Clients

  • City of Adair Village

  • City of Cave Junction

  • City of Coos Bay

  • City of Dundee

  • Fairview Water District

  • City of Florence

  • City of Glendale

  • City of Gold Hill

  • Harbor Sanitary District

  • City of Lowell

  • City of Myrtle Point

  • City of Rogue River

  • Seal Rock Water District

  • City of Toledo

  • City of Veneta

  • City of Winston