Voss Hill Water Storage Improvements

Adair Village, OR · Completed 2017

Civil West recently completed a project aimed at addressing water losses in the City’s system. The project included the construction of two 1 MG glass-fused-to-steel tanks and the installation of a liner in an existing concrete reservoir. In addition to assisting the City with this project from planning through construction, Civil West helped the City secure $2.8 million in grants and loans to help pay for the work. The construction of these new reservoirs also helps the City prepare for anticipated growth. 


Highway 101 Water Line

Florence, OR · Completed 2018

Civil West designed 4,000 linear feet of potable water line, a large majority of which was installed within Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) right of way. The goal was to improve City's water infrastructure prior to a complete roadway overhaul. Our team negotiated with ODOT during the permitting process to reduce the amount of asphalt repair required. As ODOT was going to redo the road this summer, our team convinced them that the standard trench patch requirements were unnecessary in this instance. This saved the City around $250,000. The project included maintaining the existing water line until the new pipes were in place, as well as installing additional fire hydrants and connecting fire services to local buildings.