Wastewater Treatment Plant

Myrtle Point, OR · Completed 2018

Civil West Engineering has supported the City of Myrtle Point for over ten years and recently completed a major upgrade to the City’s wastewater treatment plant. This project included the construction of a new extended aeration activated sludge treatment plant and the construction of a new wastewater influent pump station. The facility’s new pump station was designed as a trench-type self-cleaning wet well that houses five pumps, two small pumps and three large pumps, to address the flow and cleaning needs of the facility. Each pump discharges through independent discharge pipes with an integrated magnetic flowmeter to monitor total flow from each pump and the entire facility. 

This project also included interceptor pipeline replacement, construction of a new headworks with mechanical screen, grit classifier, and chemical injection prior to the wastewater flow being directed to two available treatment basins with integral clarifiers.  The project also included the conversion of the City’s old treatment plant, located directly adjacent to the new facility, into a class ‘A’ biosolids facility. Civil West has supported this project from the preliminary planning and funding through startup, and we continue to assist the City as they work to improve their community’s infrastructure.


Jack Kelley Lift Station

Veneta, OR · iN pROGRESS

Civil West identified this project in the 2016 WWMP Update to provide the infrastructure to allow the City of Veneta to develop the east side of the City.  This was needed due to the lack of capacity in the existing collection system as well as the topographic conditions in this area of the City.  Civil West completed the predesign and final design phases.  The project consists of 4150 linear feet of 15-inch gravity main, 4300 linear feet of 10-inch force main, 13 new manholes ,a 30-foot deep wetwell, 860-gpm solids handling pumps, mechanical piping, valve vaults, a control building, SCADA controllers, and electrical upgrades. This project required a 2000-foot horizontal directional drill to install a section of the force main under the Port of Coos Bay Railroad and surrounding wetland areas and a 100-foot jack and bore under State Route 126 (Florence-Eugene Highway). Civil West obtained permits/approval from the Department of State lands, the Army Corps of Engineers, DEQ, the Oregon International Port of Coos Bay Railroad, the Oregon Department of Transportation, and the State Historic Preservation Officer.

Civil West is currently assisting the city with construction management and inspection services, which started July 2018.