Wastewater Facilities Plan Update

Adair Village, OR · Completed 2016

The City relies upon wastewater facilities that are largely WWII vintage. Located adjacent to the City is a large landfill operated by Republic Services, which produces a significant leachate stream due to rainfall, groundwater, and leakage. Currently, Republic Services trucks all leachate to Corvallis, Albany, or Salem for treatment and disposal.

Civil West worked with the City of Adair Village and Republic Services to plan a facility capable of treating both the City’s municipal wastewater and the landfill leachate. For Republic Services, this would eliminate hauling costs and liabilities, and reduce treatment costs. The City would gain a large industrial customer who would help pay for a significant portion of the capital and operating costs of a new facility. In the end, both parties will benefit from the joint facility.


Wastewater Master Plan

Cannon beach, OR · Completed 2018

Civil West was hired to conduct an inflow and infiltration study as a component of a new Wastewater Master Plan for the City of Cannon Beach. Our team conducted flow mapping and smoke testing in the City and utilized television survey information that the City collects annually to augment the data gathered. Civil West used the data gathered during the I/I study to help develop a Capital Improvement Plan to address I/I and other system deficiencies.

Slow Sand Filter Plant - 1.jpg

Water Master Plan

Cannon Beach, OR · In Progress

Civil West was tasked with developing a Water Master Plan to forecast demand for the next 20 years, identify deficiencies in the current system, and prepare a Capital Improvement Plan to address deficiencies. The evaluation of the system revealed that while the existing system was well maintained, a few pieces of the infrastructure were vulnerable to failure.
Per the City’s request, Civil West investigated the possibility of adding SCADA controls to the entire system. In all, we identified approximately $13 million in capital improvements to help the City plan for and meet future demand. Civil West later conducted a rate study to identify changes in the rate structure to help fund these system improvements.


Water Master Plan Update

Gold Hill, OR · Completed 2014

Civil West was retained by the City of Gold Hill to develop a Water System Master Plan. The Master Plan provided an analysis of the City’s treatment, storage, and distribution systems and provided recommendations for improvements. These recommendations included improvements for emergency power at the water intake facility, increased treated water storage capacity, and replacing sections of the distribution section to ensure adequate fire flows and pressures.


Glendale PER Pic.jpg

Wastewater Improvements PER

glendale, OR · Completed 2018

Civil West developed a preliminary engineering report that evaluates the condition of the City’s wastewater collection system and provides preliminary engineering recommendations for improvements to the collection system pipe network and influent pump station. This data will be used to develop a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) that addresses issues in the collection system pipe network and with the influent pump station located at the wastewater treatment facility.